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Photovoltaic solar energy station What are the requirements

Frequent changes in temperature and humidity have a direct impact on the aging of insulation and sheath material, especially in larger temperature difference between daily temperature and humid and rainy areas and regions of the insulating material and the sheath aging greater performance impact. Our fish photovoltaic hybrid power plant project directly builds on many ponds or water, requiring cable long-term work in wet environments. The performance of conventional cable change does not consider the effect of heat aging properties of the material, and PV-specific cable designed to consider the effect of environmental factors on heat insulation and sheath material aging properties, therefore, qualified to meet the photovoltaic solar photovoltaic power plant cables temperature and humidity requirements.

Solar photovoltaic power plants are long hours of sunshine, which bear a greater intensity of solar radiation, and contains a variety of rays of sunlight, especially ultraviolet light can accelerate the aging of the cable insulation and sheath. PV power plant cable laying bare many of the solar module to the combiner boxes to the inverter even under most circumstances is directly exposed cable laying, which requires cable must be able to withstand sunlight and ultraviolet radiation in sunlight and to ensure long time to work vertical ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, qualified PV cable can long work under conditions of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, and conventional cable in the sun and UV radiation conditions, the insulation and sheathing will accelerate aging, causing performance degradation or failure of the insulation sheath the protective effect decreases.

Some solar photovoltaic power plant is built on the beach, beaches and other special areas. Salt content is higher in these areas the air. Some PV power plant site in the previous salt, high salt content in the soil in the area. Cable under the above environmental conditions must have strong resistance to salt spray and acid-base properties. Therefore, qualified PV cable resistance to salt spray and acid-base ability. Some PV power plant area high ozone levels, while ozone sheath certain corrosive effect that accelerate aging protective layer, affect the use of the cable. General Cable does not consider the impact of ozone on the sheath, and photovoltaic cables designed this effect is taken into account. Therefore, even if the content of ozone in higher areas, photovoltaic cable can work for a long time.

Photovoltaic solar energy have the above characteristics, and can be applied to different environmental conditions of photovoltaic power plants, to ensure its long-term safe operation, while the conventional cable is difficult to achieve this purpose. Therefore, the photovoltaic power plant construction projects, especially in certain special circumstances photovoltaic power plant construction project, the choice of an alternative to conventional cable PV cable station can effectively guarantee the long-term, stable operation, thus ensuring a good long-term operating efficiency power plant.
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